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  • Spam Email Discussion: How to tell if that awkward email order is spam

    A Ryonet Band member brought up a great issue recently…dreaded SPAM EMAIL, so let’s discusss.
    It can be hard to tell what's what, and you never want to turn away an actual potential customer. So how can you tell if that weird email you received is spam or not??? Let’s cover a few tips and tricks....
    • Check the email header. You can often tell if the email is from who it says it’s from just by looking at the details embedded in the email. You can also copy and paste the email into your search engine to check details.
    • Did they address it to you specifically? Did they do their research and know a little about you and your company or does it seem super vague?
    • Did the email go directly to your spam folder? Since we often get legitimate emails sent to spam, it’s easy to forget an email from your spam folder can be a dead giveaway that it’s actually spam.
    • Are they asking personal questions and saying they need a response immediately while using poor grammar? Most spammers don’t spend time editing their emails for proper grammar and spelling so if you see a lot of errors along with other issues, just delete it!

    I hope this info helps and I wish you all a spam free day!!

    Have you had any horror story spam ordeals? Have you found the perfect setting or response, so you no longer receive any? Please take a moment to post your own tips and tricks!!

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    What do you guys think of this...Delete it?!
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      I would delete this one. I get them on Facebook also. When I check out their page it has no posts or was just created. LOL


      • Leinbacher
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        Editing a comment
        Checking their social media is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

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      Do you ever get an email from a company that seems strange and is asking for your personal information? If so, this blog post will help you determine if the email is spam or not. Read on to learn how to tell if that awkward email order is spam.The cv writer question of whether or not an email was sent by a legitimate business can be hard to answer in some cases. There are many different ways people send emails nowadays and it's important to know how to identify which ones might be coming from scammers and spammers who are trying to steal your iden***y!


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