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  • Gamma Blocker

    When using the gamma blocker, followed by white, followed by a color... do you want to choke each layer on that or should you just hope for great registration and choke only the 2 bases as "one?" Also is comet white or a fusion mixed white best for underbidding the booster green? Tried once with comet as underboss and it left it to transparent, had to lay a couple layers of booster.

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    For gamma blocker: Always do **** register. If colors overlap the gamma blocker and touch the garment, you can/will see the dye migration come up the sides from the ink that is touching the garment. Visually its very interesting, but not what your customer paid for.

    Always use Comet White as your underbase. You cannot achieve the same opacity from the mixing system and trying to create a white with the fusion pigments.

    Booster Green, and the rest of the Booster colors, are Fluorescent colors. Those pigments are translucent by nature. If we try and make them more opaque, the only way to do so is with white. This in turn creates a dull color. You will have the exact same thing happen with plastisol fluorescent colors.


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