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  • strange ink result

    Printed a small 2" circle on top of white base on cotton shirt. Navy circle. Came out looking like a venetian blind finish - dark Navy vertical stripe followed by lighter stripe etc. each was 1/16 - 1/8" wide. Ink was a mix of old QCM Navy and Union light navy and maybe other leftover ink - needed to mix for a job last week as we ran out of light navy. 156 mesh. Oven too hot? Flash? Bad ink? Printed design on performance shirts and they were fine. White base was Union Eclipse 156 mesh H flash H but used One Stroke ELS on performance. I'm thinking it was the ink.

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    Its a pattern interference that happens when you use the same mesh (or mesh counts very close to the same) for the bottom and top colors. If you change the mesh count (Up or down. Typically printers will up the top color mesh count) on either screen the pattern will either greatly diminish or go away completely.

    This pattern is most noticeable when you are using inks that are more translucent and have high contrast like Navy, Greens, fluorescents, etc.


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