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  • Epic Rio mixing system cure temperature

    Hi Collin.
    We purchased the Epic rio mixing system and have been loving it. We ran through a gallon of the epic rio sunshine yellow and needed to replace it. On Ryonets site, it states that the sunshine yellow has a cure temp of 300. But the mixing system says it cures at 260-280.
    Confused, I asked support and they said that if the inks are used as a stand alone they cure below 280 but if mixed they need to be cured at 300. Hmmmmm
    I am hoping you can clear this up for me before I buy another gallon or under cure more garments. We have done wash tests and things looked great, just need to be able to sleep at night knowing they are going to be good in the long term below 280.


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    HI Ben!

    Rio cures as low as 260°

    The info on the Rio section on the website will be updated to reflect this.


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