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  • Pigment Died inks

    Hi Collin, Im having a few issues with dye migration on pigment died shirts. Im trying to avoid using a black underbase if possible. I have an 8' Riley 24" conveyor dryer. i use mostly one stroke inks (there soy option). I read that curing at a lower temp would help, but one stroke does not offer a low cure additive and suggest a cure temp of 320-340 for their inks. Most of what I have read does not give any suggested temps/times just "low and slow". This problem has been with both comfort colors and American Apparel. Any thoughts?

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    Hi Tim,

    Low and slow is definitely the Tempo. Its all about not exciting the dyes in the fabric causing them to gas out and cause ink discoloration.

    Unfortunately your only real way to avoid dye migration on Pigment Dyed garments is to either use a Black Underbase design for dye migration or a Poly White ink designed to stop/reduce dye migration. There are several on the market, all with different cure temps.

    We will have a new ink line available in a couple weeks that is low cure and will have a black underbase ink. It would be worth it to try this out.


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