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  • Dunk Tank Ratio

    Question for Ask Colin: Anyone using the Ryonet 30 gal dip tank? I called but got two different stories, interested in how you guys are using it. Came with 3gal of solution. Website says to mix each with 5gal of water (total of 15gal). One said yes, another said no just dump in the 3 gal and fill to the top base with water allowing a little room for screens to go on.

    Answer: The 3 gallons will make a full dip tank. Every stencil remover concentrate comes in different concentrations and all can be topped off as needed, refreshing the balance of chemistry.

    Some stencil removers are 30:1 and others are 100:1. The question is, what are your needs?

    Most dip tank solutions will get you between 200 and 300 screens before it needs to be replaced. The reason for the big variation is based on mesh counts and the stencil thickness. Lower mesh = a thicker stencil. Higher mesh = thinner stencil.

    Also, if the emulsion falls off of your screen in the dip tank, that emulsion will end up sitting on the bottom of the tank. The active ingredient will continue to chew away at it, reducing the life expectancy/screen count of your dip tank.

    If anyone has further questions, post it up on Halftoned under AskColin and I can go into greater depth as needed!
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