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  • Hunting the elusive T-3270...or just settling for any old printer?

    I'm out there watching 13 ppl watching a T-3270 on Ebay, and wondering if it would be cool to just snipe that bad boy at almost seven hundred dollars (nine, with shipping).
    And then I'm wondering: if i am running Mac OS 10.14.6, does Epson even support installation of old, discontinued printer drivers to current OS's ?
    Is there some kind of aftermarket gizmo that you have to finangle the driver in with?

    I am hankering to install accurip (hopefully Emerald will accommodate my OS) and need a compatible printer.
    My pro buddy talked up the above model, but I'm not into making it super hard on myself.
    Can ppl sound off about what printers they are using, software support from the mfg.'r, and the level of production they use them at?

    Our outfit is pretty low-fi, so honestly we don't need the moon and stars in a printer...but, you know, one can get fond of nice things.
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