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  • 60-65LPI using 500 diazo emulsion 1800mesh

    hi all, im a newbie here on Halftoned

    this is my case, i'm having high LPI (from 60-65LPI) on 1800mesh and been struggling on revealing halftone...

    the dry box temperature is about 20 C degree (about 45min)

    and the time of exposing is 60sec and right after finish exposing, i dip it in warm water

    its hard to reveal hafltones at the range of 60-10% of darkness

    any help wud be great appreciate...

    thank you, all!

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    Try exposing your film on a 305 mesh. That will allow more dots to rinse out. 180 is too low for that level of detail.

    Next questions:

    1) Are you using a film printer with a rip?
    2) Do you know the humidity where you are drying / storing / exposing your screens?
    3) What bulb type is in your exposure unit and do you have a vacuum or compression lid?


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